Unique Baby Girl Names 2015

Have you ever came across a name and you stopped everything you were doing thinking “yes, that’s the one!”. We all had these moments of clarity, the special moments that can define a person’s life for ever. Selecting unique baby girl names 2015 is not an easy task, as each year you will have to dig even deeper and come up with rare and unusual names that parents have neglected for decades. And it’s all up to you to discover them and select the very best for your pretty girl. Well, at least you are not alone! We are here to help you with an amazing team of baby name enthusiasts and experts who are doing incredible amount of research to filter the most unique names for this year.

We built our unique baby girl names 2015 list with the adventurous parents in mind. The ones that don’t settle wit the usual choices. Those who don’t feel comfortable with popular baby names. Parents like you who would like to have the most unique name for their baby girl because that’s the best way to make their cute angel stand out from the crowd. We have gathered the most beautiful unique baby girl names 2015 which are uncommon without being weird. Inspired by history, international names and mythology, these unique baby names for girls will rock the stage in 2015!

Unique Baby Girl Names 2015

Anjali: we had enough Angelinas the last decade, following the super star Angelina Jolie. Now it’s time to let a new era of unique baby girl names 2015 emerge based on the names we already loved. Anjali is an amazing name of Sanskrit origin that has the same root as Angela, something that makes it pretty easy to understand while being different from the rest. The meaning of this Indian name is gift and we think it’s wonderful to choose such a generous name for your daughter.

Bexley: only 400 people in this world have the privilege to carry this extremely rare name, which means your baby girl will be in the exclusive club of 0.001% of the population. Data are fun, but what does Bexley actually mean? It comes from Australia and the meaning of Bexley is woodland clearing. The letter -x that sits comfortably in the middle of this dynamic name, fuels it with extra energy and makes it suitable for women who are destined to be leaders.

Unique Baby Girl Names 2015
Delaney: unique baby girl names 2015 can be derived from more popular choices if you apply a simple tweak or you combine it with an unusual ending. Take Delaney for example. Dela is used by thousands of parents, so is Lana. But the combination of these two into one unique name, gives you a fantastic result that other girls will envy! Delaney brings the best of the two worlds and unite them into a harmonious combination. The origin of this powerful girl name is French and it means from the elder tree grove.

Farren: if you want to see your cute baby girl to be a daring and bold lady who is not afraid to take calculated risk and discover the world, then Farren is a perfect match for you. Why? Well, the meaning of Farren is adventurous, so it captures the very essence of the fearless generation who is dashing and willing to explore new dimensions. Farren is a curious girl, a living question mark, who is constantly seeking for exciting ventures that will stimulate her fantasy! It also sounds like Pharrel, one of the hottest producers of our age, best known for his mega hit, Happy! Watch the world’s first 24 hour music video by Pharrell Williams at 24hoursofhappy.com

Jaelyn: unique baby girl names 2015 can also be invented. Modern parents constantly come up with new combinations that did not exist a century ago. And there is nothing wrong with that. It’s called progress. If you like contemporary style and you consider yourself a forward looking person, Jaelyn is made for you (and your baby girl). The name derives from Jalen, a unisex name that was super feminized with the addition of the popular -elyn ending. We discussed this trend last year when we were predicting the most popular baby names 2014 for the first time and this is just another confirmation that we got them right! Data analysis is never wrong in predicting trendy names, so you just have to trust us on this one!

Makena: another rare variation that produces one of the most vivid unique baby girl names 2015. Makena derives from McKenna, which is an Irish name. The meaning of Makena is daughter of the handsome one, so this is actually an amazing gift to your husband. We are sure that he will fall in love with this name immediately! Makena also reminds you of Mackenzie, but is a much more stylish choice for fashionable parents. Some baby names experts suggest that Makena has in fact African origin and it means happy one. This adds a multi cultural effect to the beautiful name and adds the happiness angle into the mix of meanings. Unique baby girl names 2015 that have such a fusion of background and cultural influence are making a difference that you cannot easily ignore.

Oriana: unlike the modern invented names presented above, Oriana is a medieval name that has been around for centuries. However, it has been barely used making it a true gem waiting to be discovered by today’s parents. Oriana is a Latin name that has quite a symbolic meaning. It represents the dawn, bringing a new era of thought and life into this world. Can you imagine your beloved baby girl bringing this dawn to your life? A new life as a parent where everything is new as you leave the care free days and you enter parenthood as a responsible adult? OK, we don’t mean to scare you. Being a parent is a unique experience, so is this name. A dashing choice that resembles the meaning of Aurora, which we covered extensively in other articles. Exotic and strong at the same time, Oriana can easily be crowned the queen of our unique baby girl names 2015 list!

Paislee: as if Paisley wasn’t cute enough, the -ee suffix was introduced. Paislee is probably the choice that has the most chances to turn a unique choice today into a popular name tomorrow. Either way, you are covered, because you will be considered a pioneer, someone who was looking into the future and was already there before every one else. Your baby girl will probably be an inventor, some one who is able to create something out of nothing. Paislee is also a great name for religious parents because its meaning is church. The Scottish origin of this adorable name has been associated with the celebrity country singer Brad Paislee and is also the birth town of Scottish actor Gerard Butler. Isn’t that enough for the always welcome celebrity endorsement?

Suri: you are going to bring a princess in this world, a baby girl that will be as pretty as the fairy tales describe the fair ladies of the castles. Sum up all the beauty of the world in one name and you discover Suri, a unique name of Hebrew origin that derives from Sarah. The meaning of Suri is princess and we cannot think of a better representation of the little angel you are going to give birth to. Suri was chosen by the celebrity couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes when they announced their daughter’s name back in 2007. But the story doesn’t end here. You will find Suri in Sanskrit that has a totally different meaning, as it’s used to describe the sun. Dig deeper in Persian language and you will find Suri meaning “rose”, adding to a multi dimensional name that can appeal to many cultures and backgrounds. A true favorite among our list of unique baby girl names 2015 which is still rare and unusual.

Weylyn: implementing the -lyn ending instantly guarantees you enough swag to play. When you combine this to a unique prefix like Wey-, then you have an explosive result capable of bringing down any competition in baby names contests. Cool and trendy, it has all the potential to be a rising star. Naming your baby girl Weylyn will make her famous in school and help her make meaningful friendships that can last forever.

Unique Baby Girl Names 2015
Yanet: a cool variation of Yana, which in turn derives from Jana. This Slavic variation is exotic and attractive.

Zariah: the second name in our unique baby girl names 2015 that has the meaning of princess. Zariah is a haunting Arabic name that casts a mystic spell on you. Other sources document Zariah as a Nigerian place name called Zaria which has a slightly different meaning, to blossom. Either way, it is an enchanting name that your baby girl will love. If you like how Mariah Carey sounds, just switch the first letter from M to Z and you get a brand new alternative!

Did you like our unique baby girl names 2015? Do you consider giving one of these pretty names to your daughter? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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