Unique Baby Girl Names 2016

Every year we come up with an updated version of the unique baby names list so that parents who are expecting new babies can find rare names that will make their daughter stand out. For 2016, we found absolutely stunning names that you probably never heard before. They are surprisingly cool without being weird. Give the best present to your unborn child by choosing one of the following unique baby girl names 2016, we are sure she will love you for that. Drawing inspiration from practically everywhere, we have the most diverse and exclusive list you will ever find.

Ready to be amazed? Let’s go!

Unique Baby Girl Names 2016

Aniyah: what do you have when you combine two well known names like Anya and Aliyah? A new unique name, Aniyah! Modern parents are constantly innovating with new stylish names striving to differentiate from the crowd. It’s the trend of our times, to be unique, to be different, like no other. If your grandmother’s name was Ann or Annie and you would like to honor her by giving your baby girl her name, Aniyah can be a great alternative while staying true to your family history. A simplified version of this fantastic name is Aniya, just drop the last letter and you have an even more rare choice.

Unique Baby Girl Names 2016
Cataleya: when we started building the annual unique baby girl names 2016 list, we had a look at the movies for the first time. Why? Because we usually do that only for popular baby names, as Hollywood is a prime source of known names. However, every now and then, you have movie characters that use exceptional names, like Cataleya. It is an exotic choice that hit the baby name news from the killer in a movie called Colombiana, directed by Zoe Saldana. Cataleya derives from an amazing flower and is enjoying a rise in popularity. Though it was not given to any girl in the States in 1985, it’s currently sitting at No. 450 according to the official data base. It’s now time to make your move before it becomes over used!

Leontine: strong unique baby girl names 2016 are also going to make a huge impact in the future. Take Leontine for example. It derives from the Greek word “Leon” which means lion. The king of the jungle is the most iconic figure of power and agility in nature. It has mighty power and enjoys a tremendous respect from all animals. Don’t you want the same for your baby girl? We live in a tough world, and your daughter needs to be dynamic and confident in order to achieve her dreams. Leontine is a French name that can also be found as Leontyne, which happens to be the name of the Opera super star, Leontyne Price. The world wide famous Soprano is the best reason why you should choose this name!

…and since we are talking about music, check also:

Lyric: one of the most musical baby names out there which also happens to be unique! If you are a music lover and you are a sucker for cool lyrics, then this name should definitely make it to your final short list. Show your deep appreciation for all the master pieces that your favorite musicians wrote and write history yourself by naming your baby Lyric. It is a great unisex name, but it’s true that is more popular for girls. Lyric is quickly rising in popularity but it’s still relatively rare in US.

Nova: are you a sci-fi enthusiast, looking for unique baby names 2016 inspired by space? Meet Nova, the super star name for girls that will create a Big Bang explosion of attention! Nova is the perfect celestial girl name for parents that have a high interest in history and are intrigued by nature and the vast space. With movies like the Martian that proved to be real block busters, as well as the new episode of the Star Wars saga being released this year, we believe that Nova will be perfectly aligned for a meteoric rise. Don’t trust us? Then look at the numbers, they speak for themselves! Thirty years ago, there were only 38 Nova baby girls in the United States. Today, parents have placed such a trust in this enormous name that it can now be seen in the top 300 orbit of baby names. Not bad for a name that comes from millions of light years ago!

Tara: we love simple baby names that are straight forward and can be easily spelled. Tara is one of them with just four letters and crystal clear sound. It’s not like Maria though, you won’t find it in children’s book or any popular movie / book. Tara comes from the far East and more precisely from the remote and proud land of Tibet. It derives from the Buddhist mother of liberation, Tara. She was a powerful Goddess who represents success. If you want to teach your baby girl the virtues of excellence in work and inspiring her to pursue monumental achievements in her life, Tara is perfect for you. In the tantric meditation, Tara is also known as the deity who is represents compassion, yet another great quality of anyone’s inner self.

Thisbe: mythology can be a great source of unique baby names 2016. Thisbe comes from the legend of the tragic lover who inspired Shakespeare to write his all time classic play Romeo and Juliet. The eternal story of unfulfilled love starts from the city of Babylon where Thisbe and Pyramus would die for each other but they couldn’t marry because of a complex family rivalry which stood in their way. Ovid painted the character of Thisbe as a lively and cute person who was a dreamer and believed that greater good will always win and love will prevail. The ties of this name to literature do not stop there though. A more recent writer called Thisbe Nissen is a modern proof that the name has long been associated with stories from the most exciting life experiences. An alternative spelling can also be Thisby.

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Viveca: one of the most exotic unique baby names 2016, Viveca steals the show with an original suggestion like no other. This surprising Scandinavian name comes from Teutonic language and it’s not very uncommon in North Europe, especially in countries like Sweden, Findland or Norway. For example, the hilarious actor Will Ferrell is married to a stunning Swedish wife called Viveca Paulin. Seriosuly, Google her and see how gorgeous she is! Viveca is the exotic cousin of Vivienne, the stylish name that was popularized by fashion designer and successful entrepreneur Vivienne Westwood (by the way, make sure you check out these super awesome Ballet Flats from the latest Vivienne collection). Our data analysis show that the trend of the V- girl baby names is gowing to grow in the years to come, so Viveca is a 100% safe choice for your little angel. To top it off, the meaning of Viveca is life, or to be alive. As a parent, there is not a better lesson to give to your kids than to live their lives to the fullest, because after all you only live once. YOLO!

Yaretzi: let’s bring more fresh air in the unique baby names 2016 list by introducing a relatively new entry for USA. Yaretzi has roots in South America and the actual meaning in Aztec is “you will always be loved”. Some baby name experts suggest that Yaretzi comes from the ancient goddess Yara, well known in Spanish and Portuguese speaking cultures. No wonder why it scores so high in Mexico, placed among the top 50 baby names in the entire country! Yaretzi is definitely different from any other name you have heard before and we highly recommend it.

Unique Baby Girl Names 2016
Zuri: unique baby girl names 2016 are also inspired by Disney characters. Zuri is a typical African name that is not so well known on this side of the Atlantic. The famous TV show Jessie changed that and ever since the Zuri character appeared on television, things are starting to shape for this rare girl name. The origin of Zuri is Kiswahili and means beautiful. What a wonderful meaning for such an awesome name, don’t you think?

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  1. Pheonix Dunn says:

    I’m gonna name my baby girl Sarissa
    Is that unique??

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Pheonix, congratulations on your baby! Sarissa is definitely unique and it has Greek origin, as it was used as a weapon in combat. Your baby girl will become a true fighter in this brave new world :)

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