Unique Baby Names 2014 for Boys

Unique baby names 2014 are now out! If you are after unique boy names in 2014, check our exclusive list of rare baby names with awesome meanings! Sure, everybody likes popular baby names of 2014 and they can be a safe choice for all parents. But what about some rather unusual choices? What will parents do if they wish to be different? Here’s a never-before-experienced collection of unique baby names 2014 for boys. We pay homage to the eclectic, not so common names that create an instant wow-factor and have deep commitment to the concept of being special.

The link between unique baby names 2014 and history will be strong. While most American parents hailed the vision of popular and cool names for everyone, others have embraced the quality of being limited. Unique baby names 2014 are one of the perks of  an unconventional approach to life. Exploring the history of unique baby names we have arranged a dizzying selection of contemporary choices. With baby names that range from one of astrology’s most celebrated planets Jupiter to a cheekily unique Hebrew name for boys, Ozias, nearly every conceivable angle of baby names relationship with the concept of being unique is covered.

Curated by our experts, the following list of unique baby names 2014 for boys makes exceptional use of research, fulfilling our website original role as a place to get a deep understanding of baby names meanings along with their origin. Their ability to stick to their own viewpoint regardless of what was in favour with society at large, means that these unique baby names 2014 will never be a slave to fashion.

Unique Baby Names 2014 for Boys

Benno: parents with deep appreciation of great authors and brilliant books will have to love this one! A German boy name that was used as a nickname for Benjamin. But not everyone knows that Benno is in fact a name of its own right that has a really cute meaning (if you add “teddy”), which is bear. There was even a saint that bore the name Benno in the 10th century, giving more legitimacy to the name. Saint Benno was the patron saint of alliteration. He was there to protect the anglers and weavers. We have chosen Benno as one of our unique baby names 2014 as a tribute to Umberto Eco’s masterpiece The Name of the Rose, in which Benno was the designation of a student.

Unique Baby Names 2014 for Boys
Bruin: let’s move from the book lovers to animal lovers. Bruin belongs to the unique baby names 2014 with English origin, even though some sources cite Bruin to be Dutch. The actual meaning of Bruin is brown, even though Brits translated it into the mighty animal bear. If you consider it as an unusual mix of Bruno and Roone, you get a really awesome name that will make a difference in 2014.

Jupiter: and from animal lovers to the big fans of astronomy, parents who love to look up in the sky please meet Jupiter. The largest planet of our solar system is a true gas giant and can be seen with a naked eye, even during the day in some occasions. It’s the fifth planet from the sun and if you take all the other planets and add their mass, you will only end up with just a half of Jupiter’s weight! Jupiter is both an offbeat and an upbeat choice for your baby boy, especially if you aspire to see him become an astronaut one day. Don’t let Sandra Bullock’s drama in Gravity put you off! They are among the most privileged people as they have the unique opportunity to watch Earth from space. Why don’t you pass this exclusive attribute to your son by giving him one of the out-of-this-world unique baby names 2014.

Kazuo: and now let’s fly to the far East and meet a Japanese boy name that will definitely intrigue you! Japan is known as a country that holds many hidden gems in terms and we plan to uncover one of them in this list of unique baby names 2014. The meaning of Kazuo is first son, so it’s better if you plan to give it to your firstborn child if it’s a boy. The elusive name has also a different meaning, it symbolizes the harmonious man. The person who has achieved inner happiness by simply accepting who he is and letting go all the worries and the stress that drives people mad all the time. It can also be used as a great inspirational baby name for boys that will grow up to be a role model, a living example of self awareness and peacefulness.

Ozias: and from the far East, let’s take a trip to Europe and more specificaly to Greece. Meet Ozias, the boy name who earned a spot in our unique baby names 2014 list because of its Biblical meaning that doesn’t sound old fashioned at all: salvation. Also known as Azariah, Ozias was mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew as one of the kings in Jesus Christ’s genealogical tree. As King is one of the most popular baby names in the US, perhaps you might want to make a difference and name your baby boy Ozias but still give him all the attributes of a true king. Ozias reigned for fifty-two years in the throne of Judah, an astonishing accomplishment if you take into consideration the amount of enemies that the kingdom had during his days. If you are not a history person, it’s OK, Ozzie and Oz can also be really cool nicknames for your baby boy if he doesn’t like it.

Sabbath: staying on the religious path, Sabbath is inspired by the day of the week which is dedicated to worship. It’s a really rare choice for parents as only 5 baby boys were named after this unique baby name in 2012. Perhaps that might change in the near future as religion takes a central stage in global affairs. Widely known as “rest day” in most cultures, Sabbath denotes that special time when God finished His creation and stood by still to observe what was created. It’s usually associated with number 7, as there were 6 days of creation after which God rested. Thus, Sabbath is the last day of the week and in Original Jewish tradition it is one of the Ten Commandments to observe and remember that day. If you wonder where does the term Sabbatical comes from, there you have it. Hard working parents who take a sabbatical, or a year off, to give birth to their baby boy or spend some more time with their family, is becoming more and more popular. Why don’t you consider Sabbath for your son as one of the most unique baby names 2014?

Timber: we don’t publish any posts without including a unisex baby name in our list. Timber is rather unusual, but given the fact that Pitbull’s megahit “Timber” is already taking US radio charts by the storm (watch the official video clip on YouTube), we predict that it’s going to be one of the most unique baby names 2014 for boys! Featuring Ke$ha, Timber is a song taken from Pitbull’s album Global Warming Meltdown. Leave behind the nature experimental choices Ash, Pine or Oak and introduce a new party anthem to the world. Your baby boy is going to be associated with fun and he is most likely going to be famous for being out going and friendly.

Wren: we believe that unique baby names 2014 are not only about how many times did a name appear in the SSA list, rather it is about the vision it takes to create an exclusive name that will be remembered by everyone. Wren is a prime example of a bird name that is not as usual as Lark or Robin, but holds the exact same quality, if not superior. Wren is a cute, brown little bird that is rather inconspicuous. Their complex and often loud songs are renowned among nature scientists. If you ever happen to listen to one of their songs, you will be amazed and understand why Wren is a celebrated baby name among music lovers.

Each and every one of our lists are dedicated to crossing baby names boundaries. Our experts have balanced an eclectic but coherent mix of multidimensional perspectives by unique baby names 2014. If you have any more suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment with your feedback on what would be the most unique baby names 2014. We love to hear from our readers!

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17 responses to “Unique Baby Names 2014 for Boys”

  1. Samantha says:

    Sorry…would not name my baby boy any of these

  2. Stacy says:

    I still love my sons name, its unique but still awesome! His name is Courage

  3. Haylee says:

    I’ve heard the name Maverick for a boy. Thought that was pretty unusual.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Haylee, thanks for stopping by. Macerick is a strong & tough name for boys, I love it because it sounds bad ass! Thanks for your feedback, always a pleasure to have your input!

  4. Mariah says:

    We’re going the astronomy route and naming our son Orion.

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  6. glittersoulshock says:

    My son’s name is Maverick, middle name Esquire and we love the uniqueness of his name. We get alot of “wow”, “powerful” and “He has alot to live up to” but we knew what the names meant for us. Maverick means to be unbranded and to not follow the crowd and Esquire is another word for gentleman.

  7. Kate says:

    Naming my son Sloan, meaning warrior. Love strong names!

  8. Sarah says:

    Our middle son we named Wren. Apart from the bird , it is also an old welsh name meaning ” the chief” . He is nearly ten now and loves his name as do we.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Sarah, congrats on choosing one of our favourite baby names ever! Wren is indeed unique and has an amazing meaning as you quite right pointed out. All the best!

  9. Michelle says:

    My son is Torin. Trying to find something unique for our 2nd son. Thinking of ronin!

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