Unique Baby Names for Boys

Unique baby names offer a great alternative from top popular baby names. Unique baby names are exclusive and stand out from the crowd. If you are not the type of person who likes mainstream names, you will love the following list!

Hand picked from various sources, the unique baby names for boys featured on BabyNamesLog.com are specifically designed for exceptional babies. They are a strong statement of unconventional people. Unique baby names are not meant only for eccentric parents or celebrities. The following unique baby names will be easily remembered and your baby boy is going to be the cool guy in class who has this really original name.

Here’s the exclusive list of unique baby names and meanings along with unique boy name origin!

Unique Baby Names for Boys

Avak: a rare baby name of Armenian origin that means Great. Avak is also known as an impact crater located in Alaska, USA. It was first discovered by the US Navy in 1943. The unique status of this crater gives this unique name an out-of-this world dimension.

Brody: derived from a Scottish castle, it’s a diminutive of Broderick and means the second son. Babies that were given the name Brody are usually leaders and have powerful character. The name is associated with charismatic people that are not easily found these days.

Colton: an English baby name that means from the Cole’s town. Celebrities after this unique baby name include Teenwolf actor Colton Haynes. The name made a strong appearance in TV at “General Hospital” (watch full episodes online). One of the soap opera’s characters back then was Colton Shore.

Gage: a baby name of French origin meaning pledge or an oath. Thanks to the mathematical gauge, this unique baby name is also fit for nerdy parents who would like to give their baby boy a leg up in science.

Kai: a unique exotic baby name that has roots in the Polynesian/Hawaiian area and means ocean. Also suited for nature lovers and eco-friendly dads and mums who are concious of global water supply problems or for parents who aspire to see their sons to be a surfer one day!

Kateri: another unique baby name that has a strong connection with water. Kateri means sea and has Hawaiian origin. Deeper analysis will lead us to different interpretations of the name meaning. For example, Kateri means forgiveness in Japan and mother earth in Sweden, Norway and Finland. It’s amazing how such a multi-cultural name can have different meanings across the world that all refer back to nature!

Kaori: a rare baby name that means fragrance in Japanese. Kaori sounds rythmic so it could also be part of the musical baby names. It also sounds like Maori, making it familiar with the language and inhabitants of New Zealand.

Meret: an interesting baby name that can be found in many different and distinct cultures around the world. In ancient Egypt, Meret used to be the Goddess of music, songs and dance. Meret meant being beloved for Hebrews while Dutch associated with the known pearl. The name is considered very unique thanks to Méret Oppenheim, the photographer and surrealist artist who left an amazing legacy of visual art.

Tate: If you ever happen to visit London, don’t forget to visit the two unique museums of the mega-city, Tate and Tate Modern. Especially the later hosts thousand of strange art objects from the meta modern era. The unusual connection of a name with a modern art museum makes Tate an instant hit with parents who are fans of unique baby names!

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Zelig: a German baby name meaning blessed and happy. Zelig is actually a Yiddish variation of Selig. It’s considered unique thanks to the mockumentary written by the charismatic film director Woody Allen in 1983. The lead character of the movie was Leonard Zelig. He had the unique ability to alter his external form and look like the people that surrounded him.

Zenebe: a unique Amharic baby name meaning raining. Zenebe is rarely used outside Ethiopia where it has its roots. However it can resonate with new-age parents who link it with the Zen concept, making it a unique alternative of the inspirational baby name. As it bridges far East ideas with African specific cultures, Zenebe can be a great choice for parents who wish to give a multi-cultural baby name with a twist.

Did you like our list of unique baby names? Do you plan to give  your baby boy one of the above names? We would love to know more about it! Take some time and leave us a comment. Be heard and help BabyNamesLog.com database of unique baby names grow larger!

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8 responses to “Unique Baby Names for Boys”

  1. Kai Leigh says:

    Personally, I think of Kai as a girls name. I may be slightly biased, but still. ;)

  2. Kaadeshka says:

    Kaori is typically a girls name. If you know lot’s of Japanese people Kai is popular for boys (I know three).

  3. […] Irvin: another example of pretty boy names with Scottish roots. It could not be left out of this hand picked list of pretty baby names as the meaning of Irvin is actually handsome! While it used to be much more popular, it’s now becoming an uncommon name so it’s perfect for parents who prefer unique baby names. […]

  4. Yada says:

    We can’t seem to come up with a name that will sound god with the last name Rucker we are looking for a boy name. I would love to hear any suggestions.

  5. BabyNames says:

    Hi Yada, there are plenty of options for you! Why don’t you go for Cyril (Greek origin and a heavenly meaning of “lordly”. Ideal for devoted Christians that are looking for a fresh baby name for their cute son).

    Or Mateo (The Spanish form of Matthew which means gift of God will prove to be both attractive and hot for the new year).

    Or Tobias (a Biblical which is trending in US according to official SSA data).

    Come back for more suggestions if you like :)

  6. Renae says:

    We named our son Sach (rhymes with patch). I am a teacher so many names were dismissed by association or overuse. We love his name as it is simple, but unique. If you choose to use it, we’d love to know,

  7. […] Me too ;D[More at the Source] […]

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