Unisex Baby Names 2016

Don’t know if you are going to have a baby girl or baby boy? Don’t worry, you can always pick one of the following unisex baby names 2016! Parents in our times are less reluctant to give girl names to boys and vice versa. The stereotypes have fallen and even the most responsible fathers and mothers have no second thoughts about giving unisex baby names. They are cute and can solve the ultimate problem of naming your child when you want to keep their sex a surprise for the day of birth.

Are you ready to have a closer look in the most amazing unisex baby names 2016 that are trending in the charts? Come on, let’s take a deep dive and analyze their meanings and origin.

Unisex Baby Names 2016

Azariah: a unique religious name that proves how much popular biblical baby names became the last few years. Azariah is a beautiful name that means God’s help. The Hebrew language is so strong and has different meanings though, so don’t be surprised if you find alternative meanings while you are dig deeper during your homework. Don’t forget that in the Old Testament, there is reference to more than 20 Azariahs, from a prophet all the way to high priests. Needless to say they were all men. But this is changing fast since we don’t live in the ancient Hebrew society which was very conservative. What you can be certain about is the meteoric rise in popularity of Azariah. This awesome unisex name is now part of the top 1000 baby names as it was given to 360 boys and 325 girls in the US last year.

Charlie: despite the fact that this name has been given to baby boys for a long time, we can see a recent change in this trend. Traditionally, Charlie has been a diminutive for Charles, however it can be a perfect fit as a short name for Charlotte. Thus, it combines royalty with the modern urban feeling which derives from the now famous character from Sexy and The City. As the original meaning of the name is free man (or woman in the case of unisex baby names), Charlie can act as a reminder for your little angel to open their wings and fly away to discover the world and get awesome experiences.

unisex baby names 2016

Denver: a beloved state (one of our baby name experts is from Denver, so we are a little biased here) that can be used as a place name. Denver can be used for both girls and boys and it’s actually equally split without a clear winner to the male or the female side. A bit more unusual than the rest of the unisex baby names 2016 presented here, Denver has never made it to the top 1000 names in US. Some parents might actually find this intriguing as they are looking for rare and unique choices for their children.

Indiana: another firmly rooted place name that derives from the glorious state of Indiana. It sounds much cooler than Trenton or Camden and it receives a great adventure boost by the legendary blockbuster series of Indiana Jones, the worldwide famous archaeologist and professor. Harrison Ford practically made his career as “Indy” and the name has never stopped to amaze the adventurous types. If you want something even simpler, you can definitely opt in for India which also happens to be more oriental and exotic.

Jael: is your child a Capricorn? Even if you don’t believe in signs, you should at least consider the meaning of Jael which is mountain got and is widely known as the slayer of Sisera in the Old Testament. According to the Book of Judges, Jeal was a fearless heroine who was armed by the hand of God to deliver his will. The name combines the masculine power with the feminine touch, making Jael an amazing choice among the unisex baby names 2016.

Landry: surnames turned into first names are common within unisex baby names. In 2016, we predict that Landry will continue to rise even further and will break into the top 1000 for the first time. The origin of Landry is French from English and the actual meaning of this haunting unisex name is ruler. Landon might sound more masculine but Landry, with the addition of the -y ending, makes it more girly and sweet.

Merritt: two double letters in one name is a sign of abundance. The true meaning of Merritt in Old English culture is boundary gate. It used to be primarily for boys (it even ranked among the top 400 male names back in the days) but it’s now more or less even. Talented actress Merritt Wever definitely helped to equalize the trend when she made headlines by winning the Emmy award for her role in The Walking Dead.

Nikita: more popular in Europe than in the States, Nikita is the short version of Nicholas. Once again, it has been primarily a boy’s name based on its male origin, but then the female version of 007, the femme fatal secret agent Nikita changed everything. Since the TV show and movie has been aired, Nikita has been associated almost entirely by the active lady who doesn’t take no for an answer. By choosing Nikita, you will help your kids with their confidence and if they happen to be girls, then they will be also inherit an image of mystery and irresistible charm. Who doesn’t want this in their lives?

Oakley: you are probably familiar with the famous Oakley sunglasses brand. What you probably don’t know is that Oakley sits comfortably among the top 600 baby names, driven by the eco-conscious parents who are looking for unique nature inspired unisex baby names 2016. There is also a great sports reference, since Charles Oakley is a professional NBA basketball player who broke a number of records in his amazing careers.

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