Unusual Baby Names for Girls That Impress

Unusual baby names for girls have gritty elegance while being restrained and highly personal. Having pulled off the neat trick of becoming rare without being strange, these unusual baby names for girls are here to reward adventurous parents who dare to be different. An unusual choice for your daughter doesn’t mean that you have to go over the top. You don’t need to go crazy and come up with the strangest name in the world. It’s your baby girl and you have to make a responsible choice. We have gathered unusual baby names that are intuitive so that your daughter’s friends will have no issue remembering their name. They are designed to impress as eye-catching names that make radical advances using whimsical, volatile sounds backed with rich historic references.

For all of their improbability and weirdness, our unique collection of unusual baby names for girls remain mischievous and utterly quaint. Our research team has gone the extra mile in order to gather bold suggestions with enough hustle to please the bravest baby namer. After all, we have honored popular baby names in the past. It’s time to turn our attention in unusual baby names that get little traction in baby name charts.

Wade through some of the most distinctive, unusual baby names for girls and stay novel. If you are the type of person who doesn’t believe the hype, choose a stunningly original and superb girl name that will definitely impress everyone!

Unusual Baby Names for Girls

Adira: a dramatic Hebrew name that means strong. Adira is a prime example that unusual baby names are not meant to be strange. It is simple, yet powerful and confident. Adira is an off-beat choice if you had enough with Ariana and Ava. An alternative spelling, with the same noble meaning, could also be Adeera. The choice is yours.

unusual baby names for girls
Annora: unusual baby names of Latin origin can be splendid and awe-inspiring. The sense of grandness is inherent in all things noble. And Annora is no exception. As you might have already guessed, the meaning of Annora is honor. It’s a more elaborate alternative than Nora, marking a distinguished image that your daughter will love. It’s ideal for parents who also love patriotic baby names that inspire the young generation to follow the lead of our Founding Fathers.

Anwen: among the Welsh unusual baby names, one can find a beautiful name for girls. The meaning of Anwen is very fair. The serene aura that surrounds Anwen gains extra kudos for being rare and out of the ordinary. Simplicity is always key to build classic names that will stand in time. Anwen is a great alternative to the more common choice of Bronwen and it’s perfect for pretty baby girls covered with serious amounts of cuteness.

Drusilla: you must admit, our list of unusual baby names is getting more and more interesting! Where else would you find Drusilla as an uncommon name idea? The meaning of Drusilla is fruitful and its origin is Latin. It comes from an ancient Roman name that came derived from the celebrity couple of the time, Emperor Mark Antony and Queen of Egypt Cleopatra. The short version Dru is just adorable, while the -illa ending is becoming a hot trend among parents. However, the rare combination of these two into one unique name is a total winner. It’s also good for religious parents, as princess Drusilla of Mauretania can be found in the New Testament as the Roman procurator’s first wife, Antonius Felix.

Eulalie: it’s one of these unusual baby names that proves to be a great burst of musical sweetness. Eulalie is a French form of Eulalia, which derives from the Greek words eu- (good) and lalia (talk). Eulalia is the ultimate choice for music loving parents who date to beyond the more popular choices like Symphony or Aria. Eulalia is astonishingly rare in US as only a handful of girls were given this name in 2013.

Fara: we must admit, finding unusual baby names that are soft to the ear is no easy task. We did considerable amount of research to come up with a list that is straightforward and uncommon at the same time. Fara is a smooth diminutive of Farah, a cheerful Arabic name that means happiness. Farah remains popular in countries that have a large Arabic-speaking population, like France and the Netherlands, but the cut-down version Fara is novel and unique in US. A more sophisticated version of this lovely Arabic name, Farrah, made a grant entrance in the #177 of the baby names charts in 1977, thanks to a character in the original Charlie’s Angels movie (watch Farrah Fawcett Interview on the Merv Griffin Show 1976).

Lucretia: a legendary figure in the Roman history whose name remains unheard by most American parents. Lucretia’s rape by the son of the last king of Rome, ignited the flames of the revolution as the news of her suicide spread like fire. Monarchy was growing overly arrogant and the tyrannical methods of the royalty brought immense dissatisfaction to the people. Lucretia became a heroine and her suicide inspired a lot of top artists like Rembrandt, Raphael and Botticelli. In more recent times, Lucretia Black Prewett is a character appearing in Harry Potter tales a pure-blood witch. Moving away from fiction, President Garfield’s wife and First Lady was also named Lucretia, so you now have more one excuse to pick a non-traditional name that impress!

Neri: we love inspirational baby names, and Neri is one of them. The meaning of Neri is burning light and it represents the fire within us. In other words, Neri is the inner strength that resides in every human being and is ready to be awaken. The deep spiritual roots of Neri go far beyond the Bible, where it appears as a boy name. It was used in ancient Greece, as well in other unalike cultures, as the spirit of the ocean (nero means water in Greek).

Ondine: we jumped in the wave of unusual baby names inspired by water and we’ll stay there for a bit. The meaning of Ondine is little wave and derives from Latin Mythology. According to the myth, Ondine was a divine spirit of the waters. This rare girl name inspired film maker Neil Jordan to direct the romantic drama titled Ondine in 2009 (watch the official trailer on YouTube). Starring Colin Farrell, the Irish movie was about a fisherman who caught an unknown woman in his net, thus the name Ondine, spirit of the waters.

Rashida: another example of unusual baby names with Arabic origin. The meaning of Rashida is righteous. Seductive and mysterious, Rashida suggests an attractive woman with a haunting name. Though rare, it’s evidence that even celebrities opt-in for unusual baby names with such evocative meanings. Quincy Jones chose it for her daughter, Rashida Jones. She grew up to be an actor having a couple of noticeable appearances in TV and cinema such as The Office and The Social Network.

Sheherazade: an exhilarating choice designed for parents who wish to impress. The meaning of Sheherazade is dweller in cities. This evocative girl name reminds us the heroine of The Thousand and One Nights. Sheherazade might be a bit difficult to spell but it’s beyond any doubt intriguing and fascinating.

Siri: if you are a tech fan, you probably know already Apple’s latest try to deploy a personal assistant on everyone’s iPhone. Siri, was designed for iOS 5 users and is capable of handling your meetings, making restaurant reservations and reminding you stuff you can’t afford to forget. However, not many American parents know that Siri is widely used in Scandinavian countries. The meaning of Siri is secret in Swahili. It’s actually a short form of Sigrid, a Norse name that means fair victory. Geeks behold, you can still impress your friends by letting them know about Siri’s real meaning and origin and at the same time go against all odds with your baby girl name. If you are an Android die-hard, you can make a slight change (in typical Samsung style) and rebrand it with the different spelling Syrie.

Sonnet: an undeniably melodic and sweet-sounding girl name that will certainly impress musicians. If you aspire to see your baby girl grow up to be a poet, choose Sonnet and watch her develop to be a beautiful lady in a true Shakespearean way. The roots of this lyrical name can be found in the Italian word sonetto, which means little song.

unusual baby names for girls
Surya: unusual baby names of Hindi origin can be a great choice for American parents too. The meaning of Surya is sun god and because of it’s sacred roots, it’s a popular girl name in India. Ideal if mom and dad are fans of yoga and wish to pass the teachings of Eastern philosophy to their baby girl.

Timea: derives from the Greek word time which means honor. Timea is the Hungarian feminine version of Timaeus and offers a minimal choice for parents who area looking for unusual baby names that are not too vague. Timea is mentioned in Plato’s Dialogues giving this effortless girl name rich cultural and philosophical links. The fact that Timea can also be found in the New Testament, makes it a archetypical amalgamation of old and new traditions.

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  1. Hannah says:

    When did having your kid’s name sound like it came from Mortal Kombat popular? Come on people . . .

  2. natasha says:

    My daughters name is Adira but we chose to spell it Edera. I love it. It fits her perfectly :)

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Natasha, Edera is cool and unique at the same time, thanks for contributing with this interesting spelling variation. All the best, Amanda xx

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    One name I’ve absolutely loved is Grimley…. ooh and Braelynn.

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    I love you guys so much.

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