Valentine’s Day Baby Names

Love is in the air! Check these romantic Valentine’s Day baby names for girls and boys inspired by passion, desire and sweet feelings! If you have a baby around February 14th it’s going to be hard to miss the opportunity to associate their name with a heart-felt name. It’s the time of the year that people open up and express their feelings in a lovely way. We send flowers and buy chocolate. We receive little presents that reminds us the strong connection we have with each other. It’s important to keep the fire alive in a relationship and these Valentine’s Day Baby Names is all about that.

Our unique list of Valentine’s Day baby names have one and only theme, love. We found names that mean love in different languages, from different countries and from different age of time. Valentine’s Day baby names are inevitably associated with that little angel, the winged Cupid, who is flying arround with a bow and an arrow, finding his next “victims”. Geoffrey Chaucer was the first to link the day with love during the High Middle Ages. It was a time when courtly love tradition was thriving. Contrary to popular belief, the day is not honoring St. Valentine’s and in fact has nothing to do with him. The term “valentines” was used for the greeting cards that lovers used to send to each other. These beautiful poems and romantic letters still live in today’s tradition, even though traditional hand-written cards are not as popular as they were in the past. E-cards, e-mails and electronic gifts have taken away some of the magic. Still, it’s better than nonthing, so we deeply encourage you to send Valentine’s day wishes even if you are not very creative with words or you don’t have much time to think about it. Love quotes are one of the most romantic ways to express your innermost feelings. These love quotes bring out the beauty of your love in the perfect manner.

On the other hand, Valentine’s Day baby names express love not only one day, but throughout the year. They are a constant reminder of passion and affection. An amazing way to fill your baby girl or baby boy with so much love that it will make them desirable!

Valentine’s Day Baby Names for Girls

Amora: amore mio, do you love me? The most suitable start of our Valentine’s Day Baby Names comes with this easily recognizable Spanish version of the word love. Amora has a large array of spelling variations including Amorra, Amera, Amara and Amira. They all carry the same romantic meaning, flag of the boat called affection. Marvel comics introduced a powerful sorceress called Amora as the arch enemy of Norse semi god Thor. In case you haven’t guessed it, Amora has the power to seduce men using her extreme beauty and learn all their secrets!

Valentine's Day Baby Names
Carys: a Welsh name that means love. It was first introduced to American parents by Catherine Zeta-Jones who named her baby Carys. The hot actress wanted to honor her Welsh roots by giving this lovely name. You can do the same if you have an ancestor from Welsh and expecting a baby around Valentine’s Day!

Dove: Valentine’s Day baby names might have multiple meanings. Dove is a soft word name that is not only the symbol of peace, but also purity thanks to its white color. It is often used to represent gentle love between a couple and it can be used for baby boys too.

Freya: a popular name in Britain that we think is ready to have a massive appeal on American parents. Freya is a name of Norse origin that comes from a goddess of love. She was the protectory of fertility and was responsible for the gift of beauty. It’s one of the less known Valentine’s Day baby names for girls that deserve more attention. Now that author Joseph Conrad published a novel titled Freya of the Seven Isles, it might gain some traction.

Kalila: belongs to the Valentine’s Day baby names that come from the mysterious Arabic language. The meaning of Kalila is sweetheart or beloved, a delicate choice for any baby girl! It derives from of a range of Arabic mythical mountains that remain mystic in a way. Kalila is an elusive girl name that can be shortened to Lila or even Lola if your daughter wants a more popualar diminutive. If you don’t like the idea, you can convince her by stating the facts. K- starting names are among the most popular baby names 2014 according to current trends.

Kerenza: names that have the letter “z” are inevitably exotic. Kerenza is one of them, an attractive girl name of Kornish origin. The meaning of Kerenza is love and as such it couldn’t be left out of our Valentine’s Day baby names collection. It has modernized the old-fashioned and over used Karen, so if you wish to honor your grandmother, you can do so by a fresh alternative that can be cool and stylish.

Mila: short Valentine’s Day baby names like Mila simplify the sometimes complex notion of love. Mila is a popular girls name, currently at #115, that means loved by the people. Thanks to its major success, it’s now a name of its own, but in fact it derives from several different European names. For example, it can be a short form of Ludmila or a different version of Milena. If you wonder why this name is flirting with the top 100 baby names, it’s because of beautiful actress Mila Kunis whose stellar performance in Black Swan haunted the audience. It’s now trending all over US, a perfect example that American parents have no issue adopting attractive Eastern European names (Mila Kunis has Ukranian origin).

Querida: let’s stay in Europe and travel to Spain. There we’ll find one of the most striking Valentine’s Day Baby Names in the world, Querida. The meaning of this unique choice is beloved and it’s ideal for parents who wish to avoid common names.

Valentina: the female version of Valentine himself! Valentina is a Latinized name that means healthy and strong. As you can see, the original meaning has little to do with love. That validates our earlier point that described how did we end up with Valentine’s Day as a celebration of love. Valentina sounds like Valerie, but it’s more artistic and has a sweet sound. In Chile, it’s one of the top 5 baby names for girls. It’s trending in Australia as well, currently found at #13. American parents are following the trend raising Valentina in 2012 at the highest chart spot so far, ranking at no.165! Celebrities named Valentina include Oscar-nominated actress Valentina Cortese. If you watched Gravity and got inspired by Sandra Bullock, you should know that Valentina Tereshkova was in fact the first woman that travelled in space (without going through the drama of Gravity). All in all, Valentina might be the most usual baby name inspired by Valentine’s Day, but it’s also the prettiest. Thus highly recommended!

Valentine’s Day Baby Names for Boys

Amias: it could be mistaken for a biblical boy name or Hebrew (ala Tobias) but in fact it’s Latin. Our first suggestion for the best Valentine’s Day baby names for boys is Amias which means loved. A bit vintage, Amias is short and straightforward. Alternative spellings include Amyas, even though this version might complicate things a bit.

Arrow: thanks to the success of the TV series Arrow, aired in 2012, we can safely predict that the spoiled billionaire playboy will help this obscure name become mainstream. The reason we decide to list Arrow among the Valentine’s Day baby names is because naughty winged Cupid, god of love and son of Roman Goddess of beauty Venus, is always depicted carrying an arrow. The story goes that it has magic powers that can bring love at first sight! A mesmerizing attribute for any baby boy, isn’t it?

Romeo: twelve years have past since celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham chose Romeo for their second baby boy. A move that immediately lifted the veto of American parents to this phenomenal love spilled name. An all time classic for hopelessly romantic people, Romeo and Juliet story continious to move the hearts and minds of every single human who is deeply in love. The fact that it holds #323 spot on the baby names charts show just how popular it remains all these years. A purely Italian name that means the pilgrim to Rome that is a favorite among celebrities with Jon Bon Jovi being the most recent dad that chose Romeo for his cute baby boy.

Sajan: we love unique Valentine’s Day baby names that go off-beat. Sajan is an attractive choice that is not common but can be considered if you are looking for non conventional, exclusive names for your baby boy. Sajan has Hindi origin and a romantic meaning, beloved. Letter “j” sits comfortably in the middle of Sajan, acting like a bridge that balances mind and soul. Thus, it can be thought as a smooth regulator of passion that balances lovers’ wild feelings and emotions.

Valentine's Day Baby Names
Valentine: the king of the Valentine’s Day baby names! The male version of the name is not as popular as the female Valentina, but it’s still attractive as it’s a sweet reminance to February 14th. The celebration coincided with the festival of Juno, a pagan God of fertility. Shakespeare was deeply influenced by this name and named two of his characters Valentine. The first was in “Two Gentlemen of Verona” set in Romeo’s and Julliet home town. The second can be found in “Twelfth Night”. The literature connection of the most significant Valentine’s Day baby names carry on. Ian Flemming’s father was named Valentine, so you can also think of Jame’s Bond grandfather as a womanizer. The apple will fall under the tree! The name later moved into the big screen when Kevin Bacon played sci-fi hit “Tremors” leading act as Valentine McKee.

Valentino: the cool -o ending gives the Latin name a sex appeal. Associated with renounced latin lovers, Valentino combines the tradition of romantic Valentine’s Day baby names with high end fashion. Italian designer Valentino became insanely popular and is considered one of the most influencial and extravaganza fashion patrons, known for his unique and distinct clothing line. Check his latest designs via his online boutique. Celebrity baby name for one of Ricky Martin’s twin boys.

Don’t you just love our list of unique Valentine’s Day Baby Names? We have to admit that we certainly feel a bit more loved after preparing this article. It’s only certain that these Valentine’s Day baby names will create a similar romantic atmosphere around boys and girls who carry them. So go on and give the gift of love to your children, help them make strong relationship that last.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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