Vintage baby names for girls that are cool again

Vintage baby names are back in fashion! They represent the great old times but they are cool at the same time without sounding out-of-date. Step into a world of heritage and tradition that your baby girl will learn to love from a young age. Vintage has nothing to do with old and outmoded, vintage is all about preserving the things that matter to you the most. Things that made a difference and people still want to remember them as exceptional examples of style and elegance.

Vintage baby names can give your baby girl this chic image, a bravura that will stick out and be notable in all cases. One of the vintage baby names of our list below will give her grace and smartness that will embrace your baby girl for years to come!

Let us go explore the past and learn from it, take it as a fun history lesson that involves a lot of legacy studying the vintage baby names meanings and their origin, when and how did they surface and why they are cool again!

Vintage Baby Names for Girls

Alice: from the classic masterpiece of British writer Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland. The book is full of deep symbolism, the fantasy world, the white rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, the mad tea-party which is a hymn to vintage heritage and many many more! A legendary fairy tale that all kids should read. Alice in Wonderland was also transfered to the big screen by Tim Burton starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter!

Annabel: the prime example that vintage baby names are cooler than ever, Annabel has reach a peak in popularity in 2012! The roots of this name’s origin goes back in centuries when it was very popular in Scotland around 12th century. Annabel name meaning has two parts: Arn which means eagle and Arin which means a hearth.

Artemis: according to the Greek mythology, Artemis one of the 12 Gods living in mountain Olympus. She was the Goddess of hunting and also known as the mistress of the animals, the Goddess of virginity and the God who was aiming women to give birth. Got your attention now? Pregnant women should not be afraid, Artemis is there for you!

vintage baby names for girls

Cecilia: means the way for the blind. Cecilia (as you might already have guessed) is a Latin name derived from the name caecus which means blind. Cecilia is also known as the saint of music in Christianity, so you might want to consider this vintage baby name if you have dreams about your baby girl growing up to be like Beyonce, Pink or Lady Gaga!

Clemence: means mild and gentle and is of Latin origin.

Denise: a name of French origin, Denise is the female form of Dennis. However, it’s real origin comes from Dionisos, the pagan Greek god of wine and festivals. So in this case, Denise means the girl who was devoted to the ancient mysteries of Bacchus where people were initiated through a rite into a secret society of wise men and women and hold strength and wisdom. Celebrity baby name for the American actress Denise Richards, born in 1971.

Edith: means prosperous during war, a vintage baby name of English Origin which is composed from two elements: ēad which means good fortune and gyth which means war.

Eleanor: a form of Alienor which derives from the Greek name Helenē that in turn has the meaning of light and beauty.

Elizabeth: we have discussed this baby name a LOT in as we never get enough of it! Who cares anyway, it is a name that is loved by millions and can be consistently found on the top 10 baby names. It also happens to be a vintage name, thus you can see it on this list in a true unapolegetic way!

Eloise: a name of German origin which consists of two parts: haila which means hearty and vid which means wide. You can find it on the list of vintage baby names because of its link to the Eloise series of books written by Kay Thompson in 1950’s.

vintage baby names eloise
Fleur: a rare Old French name that derives from the word flower.

Florence: a Latin name that comes from florens. The meaning of this vintage baby name is to bloom, the person who is flourishing and is prosperous.

Heidi: a true vintage comic book from Switzerland, Heidi is the little girl who sets her travelling adventure and is not afraid to learn the unknown around her. Heidi was written Johanna Spyri and is considered one of the greatest examples of European children literature. Celebrity baby name for Heidi Klum, the German American top model who turned into a TV host and a business woman.

Judith: Celebrity baby name for the American funk singer Judith Hill, a true representative of vintage culture through her famous song “Baby it’s cold outside”.

Leonie: a name of Greek origin which derives from the word lioness.

Meredith: are you a fan of Grey’s Anatomy? Then you must have met Meredith Grey, M.D.! Meredith dynamic character has captured the hearts and minds of people around the world. The meaning of the vintage baby name Meredith is the sea protector and it has a Welsh origin.

Nora: the meaning of the name Nora can be found in the Arabic word “noor” which means the light. However, other scholars link Nora to “Honora” which is a name of English origin and of course means honor. Celebrity baby name for American singer and songwriter Norah Jones, famous for her talent in piano and acting skills.

Ophelia: William Shakespeare is a striking example of vintage and his play Hamlet is legendary as an undisputed source of old-fashioned symbol of legacy. Ophelia was the young woman from Denmark, that belonged to the noble family of Polonius.

Phoebe: in TV series Friends, Phoebe represented for more than 10 years all things vintage. Her clothes, her hair and general attitude was a prime example of stylish old-fashioned approach to life.

Rosamund:  from the Latin phrase “rosa mundi” which means the rose of the world. Henry II’s mistress  – thus the vintage link -, Rosamund Clifford, has been given this nick name because of her extraordinary beauty. Every actress dream is to be the Bond girl. Rosamund Pike (born 1979) did just that when she grabbed the second leading female role next to Halle Berry accompanying Pierce Brosnan’s last outing as James Bond in Die another Day (2002).

Sally: a vintage baby name because it is associated with the “Contact the Elderly” campaign in Britain, where the main message was “take Sally and Harry to Sunday tea”. The poster had a true vintage feeling and attributed to two old-fashioned names that appeal to people in their 50s but at the same time are names that are definitelycool again!

vintage baby names sally
Selma: a variant of Salma or diminutive of Anselm which means God’s helmet. In ancient Celtic language, schelma used to mean beautiful view and Selma as a name appears as the Fingal castle name in the gothic poem by Macpherson titled Ossian (1760). Celebrity baby name for actress Selma Blair (born 1972) who starred in box office hit Cruel Intentions and in fantasy sci-fi movie series Hell Boy.

Theodora: the powerful Byzantine empress, wife of Justinian, Theodora rare and unusual name has a true vintage sense. It’s a name of Greek origin that means the gifts of God. A cool nickname for Theodora is Thea which means Godess.

Ursula: if you consider Disney’s cartoons as vintage, then the arch enemy of Little Mermaid is absolutely old-fashioned and sic! Ursula is a short form of Latin word ursa which means she-bear. Thus, it is also a name that is considered strong and tough, suitable for a baby girl soon to be a feminist!

Winona: derived from the rare and uncommon Siouan language, this unique baby name comes from the vintage term Winúŋna which means first born daughter. Celebrity baby name for hot Hollywood movie star Winona Ryder (born 1971) who played her breakthrough role as the gothic problematic girl Lydia in Beetlejuice by Tim Burton. Winona is also a modern cartoon character in the ever expanding and increasingly complex Pokemon universe.

vintage baby names winona

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