What does my name mean? Unfolding Name Meanings

Wondering what does my name mean and where does it come from? Are you curious to see if your name has an extra ordinary story behind it that makes it unique? We can help you out!

People tend to search for their name meaning in a very early stage of their lives. In fact, the question what does my name mean is so common that most people have already looked it up. However, in most cases, the result of their research tend to have conflicting information that comes from different sources. It then becomes frustrating to keep up with the information overload regarding your name meaning. You just don’t have that time to spend! So what do you do?

Come and see how we unfold baby name meanings and their origin.

Finding out What does my Name Mean

Name meanings are such an important factor in building your baby’s character that you don’t want to rush into fast decisions. Take your time to understand exactly what does my name mean before you pick a name for your baby.

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The first factor is that different cultures might have different name meanings. You need to search name meanings having in mind the context of your country, your nation history, the culture your baby is going to live in, and the local naming convention rules that might apply.

For example, Kai is a hipster baby name for boys with multiple name meanings. In Japan alone, Kai has four different meanings that include restoration, ocean, shell and recovery. In Welsh, Kai has an entirely different meaning, the keeper of the keys, while in Burmese, it means strong and unbreakable. However, most people know it by its Hawaiian interpretation which is “sea”.

If you too have the same question, what does my name mean, you might want to double check your name meaning using our search utility here in BabyNamesLog.com We have the most comprehensive database of baby names with their meanings and origin. Instead of having endless baby names lists, we took a different approach. One that makes much more sense. We have grouped boy names and girl names into meaningful sets. If you are looking for baby names that make you smile, you can find great examples in the post we have prepared just for that. Hand picking names and grouping them in a specific set of names, makes it much more fun for you, the curious parents!

You can also search BabyNamesLog.com for names depending on their origin. We have top English, French and Spanish names, or even better a special coverage for the Greek baby names you didn’t know were Greek. Other examples of smart grouping, is listing baby names that suit better for each of the 12 calendar months.

Each baby name group has different attributes. We strive to present you with the most accurate baby name meaning so that we can answer your question what does my name mean? We have done all the home work for you, and the information we present you is checked by our baby names expert researchers. Libraries, books, magazines, on-line publications, databases and other sources are scanned on a daily bases to ensure that only quality posts are presented in the most reliable way.

You can also look elsewhere, there is nothing wrong with that. Just be concious that unchecked information can lead to wrong conclusions. Conclusions that will haunt you for the rest of your life, as your name or your baby’s name, is so important in forging one’s character.

Unfolding Name Meanings

While parents are eager to give popular baby names that are quite common and appear in the top charts, they barely get to know their real meanings. Unfolding name meanings before picking a name is just vital!

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