Would You Sell your Baby Name Online?

Some people argue that everything has its price. And some people do their best to make sure this statement holds true. After selling their virginity online or selling parts of their body for permament tattoos as a type of advertisement, people are now selling their baby names to complete strangers.

The news come from a teacher in Los Angeles who agreed to sell the rights of naming her unborn child to a website for promotional reasons. The single soon-to-be-mother is 27 years old and is due to give birth in September 2013. Even though the sex of the baby is not known, Natasha Hill received $5,000 from BellyBallot.com that would help her pay piling pregnancy bills and try to save some money for her new-born child.

natasha hill sells baby name

The US website that sponsored the name, helps people decide on their babies names by allowing them to build short lists of 10 candidate names (5 names for boys and 5 names for girls) and creating an online poll which friends are supposed to use to cast their votes.

In Natasha’s case, the names were sold to companies that would be free to chose whatever they like for commercial reasons, creating an unheard before deal between a mother (who also happens to be a teacher) and advertisers. The final chosen name cannot be rejected under the terms of the competition which makes the naming totally binding.

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Representatives of the website tried to reassure the pregnant teacher and her friends that there will be some rules around the eBay of names. No swearing, no brandings, nothing crazy. But who defines what crazy is? The one who pays? Critics say rules are too abstract in this case and some parenting organizations like Rosa Cee have not been too kind with this whole idea. The christian group oppose the capitalistic notion of this project that trades names to the highest bidder is completely selling out the parenting role.

What do you think about this new developments in baby names? Do you agree that naming a baby can be used for some extra money to help a single mum or is it going too far?

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